About the SOPA Awards

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The SOPA Awards for Editorial Excellence were established in 1999 as a tribute to editorial excellence in both traditional and new media, and were designed to encourage editorial vitality throughout the region. The awards cover a broad range of categories reflecting Asia’s diverse geo-political environment and vibrant editorial scene.

Central to the SOPA Awards’ ongoing success is the high caliber of international judges who preside over the award entries. The SOPA Awards have consistently secured judges from many of the region’s leading newspapers as well as consumer and trade magazines and academics from prestigious universities – a reflection of the stature of the awards. Judges ensure that entries are analyzed and selected according to a demanding set of criteria.

The SOPA Awards are coordinated by a committee of publishing professionals from the business and editorial sectors. These dedicated individuals volunteer their time throughout the year to ensure the awards’ rules, judges, entries; event, sponsorships and promotions all come together smoothly.

The SOPA Awards set a valuable benchmark for the industry, and have become news items in their own right, generating media coverage and attention not only across the Asia-Pacific region, but also on the global arena.

Corporate Support
Sponsorship is key to ensuring the Award’s growth, and over the past years, SOPA has been fortunate in receiving strong, continuous support from its partners. As the Awards have grown, so too has the interest from corporations, and this year, we look again to the generosity of sponsors to help us deliver the best Awards we can.

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