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15/06/2016 《 Apple Daily 蘋果日報》 賀! 《蘋果日報》勇奪SOPA 卓越新聞攝影獎
15/06/2016 《China Press》 亞洲卓越新聞獎‧因報導1MDB弊案 WSJ摘最佳獨家新聞獎
15/06/2016 《coconutsKL》 WSJ’s Tom Wright is SOPA’s journalist of the year for 1MDB reports
15/06/2016 《Epoch Times 大紀元》 演講再提九二共識 馬英九:兩岸關係基礎
15/06/2016 《lvcnn 維加斯新聞報》 馬英九錄影演說 談兩岸台港關係
15/06/2016 《 端傳媒》 端傳媒獲2016年卓越新聞獎兩項大獎
16/06/2016 《 Apple Daily 蘋果日報》 《蘋果》奪5項卓越新聞獎
16/06/2016 《asia.nikkei》 Nikkei Asian Review scoops 2 SOPA awards
16/06/2016 《asiancorrespondent》 SOPA Awards 2016: WSJ’s Asia economics editor named ‘Journalist of the Year’ for 1MDB coverage
16/06/2016 《usa.chinadaily 中國日報》 Former leader lauds Beijing relations
16/06/2016 《ChinaReviewNews 中國評論新聞》 馬英九透習馬會花絮 金門高粱比茅台受歡迎
16/06/2016 《 天下雜誌》 《天下雜誌》獲2016年亞洲卓越新聞獎(SOPA)5項大獎 華文媒體之最
16/06/2016 《 長青網》 SOPA頒獎禮 明報奪6獎
16/06/2016 《Financial Times 》 Financial Times and FTChinese recognised at the SOPA awards 2016
16/06/2016 《lloydslist》 SOPA pays tribute to late Lloyd’s List editor
16/06/2016 《news.mingpao 明報》 SOPA頒獎禮 明報奪6獎
16/06/2016 《mingpaocanada 明報加西版》 SOPA頒獎禮 明報奪6獎
16/06/2016 《 東方日報》 WSJ夺亚洲卓越新闻奖
16/06/2016 《SAYS》 WSJ Journalist Wins Prestigious Award For 1MDB Scandal Reports
16/06/2016 《wartakepri》 Society of Publishers Asia (SOPA) 2016, Ajang Emas Insan Jurnalis Asia
17/06/2016 《can 中央社即時新聞》 揭發一馬弊案 WSJ獲亞洲卓越新聞獎
18/06/2016 《onechina 大中華在線》 FT中文網獲2016年度亞洲出版人協會獎


13 June 2016 (8p)

Mr. Ma will be videotaping his speech that was meant to be delivered at the 2016 SOPA Editorial Awards gala dinner.  SOPA will be airing this videotaped speech at the awards dinner on Wednesday June 15th at ~745pm. At approximately 830pm that same night, the video link and a transcript of the speech will be made available here


12 June 2016 (9:30p) SOPA statement:


The Society of Publishers in Asia said on Sunday that the keynote speaker for its annual gala dinner, former Taiwan President Ma Ying-jeou, had said that he would not be able to attend the event in person.

SOPA and Mr. Ma plan to arrange a video link so he can address the gala dinner on the evening of June 15 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. 

“We are disappointed that Mr. Ma cannot be with us in person, but we look forward to a very successful Wednesday evening with awards being given out in 18 categories for the best journalism in the Asia Pacific region,” said S.K. Witcher, chair of the SOPA Editorial Committee.  


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